Marie said, “I started working with Anna as I really needed to find my direction and to rebuild my confidence after a rough year of change at work and home. Through our time together using new tools, including hypnosis, I have grown in confidence and I am continuing to find my new direction. Our work together and the work she had me do on my own has strengthened me in many ways and has impacted all aspects of my life. To be successful, she taught me to be open to the possibilities and the positives. I appreciated the guidance as it helps daily.”

Anne shared, “After a long struggle with anxiety and frustration, my sense of well being and self was restored after our session. For the first time in a long time, I’m able to anticipate the start of a new week rather than fear it. While external stressors in my life continue to pose challenges, I am able to handle those challenges without losing myself.”

Jenna added, “Working with Anna forces me to think bigger and more creatively about myself and my life. She helps me break out of the boxes I put myself in, and helps me to break the false boundaries that I subject myself to. I love her insight and thought leadership!”


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