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When you decide you’re ready to make a change in any aspect of your life, or you need help making decisions, there are many resources to which you can turn for assistance. Among them include studying self-help books; journaling and meditating daily; referring to the Internet for problem-solving ideas; relying on family and friends; and engaging a mentor at work. These are all excellent resources to help navigate change (big and small), and each has its own advantages and limitations.

So, why spend time and money hiring a coach?In our experience, it can be challenging and take a long time to make deep and lasting change in thought process and behavior pattern without the benefit of one-on-one conversation. In this context, we are talking about conversation that likely extends beyond the boundaries of friendships and family relationships, and certainly those in the work environment.
Three reasons to hire a life coach:

Objectivity: One of the most important attributes of a good coach is their objectivity. Coaches are unbiased and do/should not interject personal judgments into your situation: you are free to be completely honest, importantly, with yourself.  Friends and family simply are not unbiased and often attempt to press their desires on you. Managers or mentors at work are also not equipped to go deep with you, and frankly you don’t want them to – it may cloud their ability to fairly assess your job performance.

Experience: Good coaches have a wealth of life experience, and many have utilized the very tools and processes on themselves to break through their own barriers. Good coaches are active listeners and ask questions that prompt you to think about your goals and barriers in a new way. Good coaches help draw out the answers that are already within you without giving you advice or telling you what to do.

Accountability: Your progress is completely about you deciding to change your thoughts and behaviors, and then taking action towards your goals. A coaching relationship is not a passive one for you – there is work involved on your part. You and your coach will agree on assignments between sessions. Your coach will help keep you accountable to yourself for doing the work!



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