Your coaching program is always unique to you. But you may be wondering about topics that other people like you bring to the table. Personal Coaching can encompass any issue or roadblock that it is in your way of feeling good and achieving your goals. Career Management can include your workplace relationships, strategies to enhance your effectiveness, and career next steps. Sports Performance is about enhancing the connection between your body and your mind on the field and during competition.

You have a lot of flexibility to decide the duration of the coaching partnership and how often you want to meet with your coach. As you might imagine, people often experience internal resistance when modifying behavior and thought patterns; this resistance often becomes apparent around the two month mark. That’s why most coaching experts suggest that clients should expect to work with their coach for at least three to four months or more to maximize the probability of creating lasting change.

You will be amazed at how much you will accomplish in areas such as:

  • Managing and minimizing the effects of stress and uncontrollable thoughts
  • Finding better work-home balance
  • Establishing life boundaries and priorities consistent with your values
  • Clarifying personal brand and business identity
  • Tapping into your own creativity for problem solving and decision making
  • Energizing your efforts for health and wellness
  • Understanding the energy of your own thoughts and emotions

The original photograph above was created by my oldest daughter for a school assignment called “Sense of Place.” It’s easier to comprehend the image from the entire photo, but what you’re looking at is the reflection of a tree in a stream. I absolutely love the nature of this reflection, and the parallel to our lives…how our own sense of place at home or at work, or even with ourselves is a reflection of who we are inside.