Yes, that’s what it says. Think your way to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

If you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off, making healthy food choices, exercising sufficiently, and liking your body, then this package is for you.

Want to know why most people’s results are often short-lived? Most approach weight loss purely at the conscious level. We consciously set a weight loss goal and take all actions necessary to reach the goal; when we do nothing with the underlying automatic behaviors, thoughts, and associations maintained by the subconscious, old behaviors set in again. It’s so frustrating!

Lasting results can only be achieved when the subconscious and conscious minds are joined in complete and total agreement. That’s why this program, Think the Weight Off, uniquely and creatively blends hypnotherapy (automatic behaviors) and coaching (raise awareness of choices) so that you can have a healthier lifestyle with relative ease.

Losing weight and making healthy choices every single day doesn’t have to be so hard!

Join me for a unique 8-week program where you will make progress towards changing your mindset and lasting results, and you’ll be in a position to keep your body and your mind healthy for the long haul.

The other unique part of this program is that we are not going to fixate on goals in the traditional sense. We aren’t going to weigh in every week, no obsessing over measurements, counting calories or monitoring steps. Finally, a program that helps you deal with the real issue…what’s inside your head!

This program focuses on your thought processes and behaviors, with the goal of permanently releasing negative thoughts that keep your body weight captive. With changed thoughts and behaviors, you will see positive results on the scale. It must be so!

Here’s what you can expect over the 8 week Think the Weight Off program:

  • Week 1 Begin exploring your honest thoughts and feelings about your body; what changes are you really ready to make?
  • Week 2 We will have a deeper conversation about your body image focused on specific parts, functions, appreciation and healing.
  • Week 3 Now it’s time to get into details about your relationship with food, craving triggers, social settings, and stress/emotion eating. We’ll also start to modify your daily eating habits and patterns towards healthier choices.
  • Week 4 There may be more in there, so we’ll continue to focus on changing self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and we’ll set goals for long-term changes in behaviors. We will also talk about your family system, and how to get support from those you’re closest to.
  • Week 5 We can’t do this without further exploration of exercise and activity. What works for you, what doesn’t, and how can you introduce more movement throughout the day?
  • Week 6 We will continue to work on all these areas, and explore any broader negative self-talk that is interfering with other aspects of life.
  • Week 7 By now, you’re making real progress so let’s talk about how to maintain the momentum!
  • Week 8 We will celebrate all of the real and lasting results you’ve achieved, and create a plan for moving forward.

The body always follows the mind. There are no exceptions. The body will naturally release the weight as you positively change your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about your body and your relationship with food and exercise.

You’re now asking what is the value of this program. For lasting change in body image and overall mind/body health, the program is priceless. The financial investment is $375 a month for each of two months for 8 total hours of coaching and hypnotherapy (or $750). If you and a friend do it together, the cost is $350 per person per month, and you each still have 8 individual sessions. If three of you make this commitment, the financial investment is $325 per person each month.

There is only one catch. You need YOU to make a commitment that you’re finally ready to do this the right way, and that you’ll show up every week with a willing attitude! I know you can do it! And don’t forget to check with your doctor before you begin any weight loss or exercise program.

Feeling bad about your body is OVER. Contact me through the Contact Page, and let’s get started – in person, or over the web/phone. This will be fun and you’ll be amazed. I look forward to hearing from you!


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