One of my managers, a long time ago, told me that no one cares more about my career than me. When I first heard that, it was very early in my career and I didn’t really agree. I wasn’t taking full responsibility for my own career choices and office behavior, and frankly thought that’s what managers and Human Resources do. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Now, after serving many years in the corporate arena, of course I realize that it really is all about each of us taking control of our own careers. So if you’re in a quandary about what you need to do manage your career, consider a coaching partner to help you put some structure and accountability to the process.

Of course, a coaching partnership and the agenda is completely and always up to you. But if you’re looking for some ideas on things you can address with a coach, take a look at this package, Own Your Career.

In this program, we meet 6 times over the course of 12 weeks (meeting roughly every other week), either in person or over the phone/web. There will likely be follow up “assignments” in between sessions so you can continue your momentum.

This package is chock full of important topics! Sometimes we may hit a nerve; for instance, many people cringe when it comes to speaking up at meetings or in a public forum. We’ll get into what’s uncomfortable for you and figure out how to grow through it!

Six Important Topics

  1. Strengths Assessment and Personal Brand
  2. Public Speaking and Confidence
  3. Networking and Mentors
  4. Performance Reviews and Feedback
  5. Negotiation and Compensation
  6. Career Next Steps

The package cost is $675, which includes 6 hour-long sessions over 12 weeks plus email support in between in case something comes up. And, you can ask your company to cover the cost this development program, especially since they will benefit from your progress! That’s a total steal for them because most professional development training programs are far more costly. If a colleague or friend wants to do this work as well, the cost is $600 each, and you both receive 6 individual sessions and email support.

Email or call when you’re ready to take charge and fully Own Your Career!


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