Congratulations! Your children are grown and have begun to manage their own lives. You are now an Empty Nester!

With the kids gone, you may have more time on your hands, and you might be wondering what’s next. The empty nest opens up quite a bit of space emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially, and with how we spend our time. And Empty Nesters are at an age when our thoughts and belief systems might tell us we’re too old to start something new. Not so!

Join me in active exploration of this fabulous time of life. Your empty nest is wide open with possibilities!

Fill the Empty Nest is designed to help you create an action plan for filling those spaces. You have control over our agenda; however, if you’d like some ideas on where to start, consider this four-week outline:

  • Session One Let’s start with an open-ended dialogue on your ideas for the future, and thoughts and feelings about your empty nest. This discussion will set the stage and determine your agenda for the program.
  • Session Two At this point, it may be a good idea to explore your strengths, values, and areas of life/activities that bring you joy. If appropriate, we may use an assessment tool or two as a framework for guiding the discussion.
  • Session Three If you’re ready, let’s get creative and brainstorm outlets and venues for you to explore next steps, including career, continuing education, and community.
  • Session Four Maybe you’d like to have a strategy for networking, especially if you’re moving into new territory. We can talk about what’s comfortable for you, and how to use your current network and social media to meet new people with confidence.

Our sessions can be in person, or over the phone/web. Your financial investment in this program – well, actually, you are investing in setting the stage for the next phase of life – is $395 total, which includes the 4 sessions over 2 months. Sessions will be scheduled two weeks apart, giving you a chance to reflect and follow up with activities.

Call or email me to get started. I can’t wait to see you fill your empty nest to the brim!


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